Zeus Electrosex E-Stim Spiked Paddle – Black/Silver


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Add some bite to your spanking sessions with this E-stim Spiked Paddle! It has 10 spikes on one side that will bite into your partner’s juicy flesh like little teeth. They won’t break the skin, but they will leave a memorable sensation. Flip it over to the flat side and rub their behind to cool them down. Then amp up the intensity again by turning on the electrostimulation! Choose between two different intensities and enjoy as they get shocked by the conductive spikes! The paddle is covered in vegan-friendly, faux (PU) leather and the metal is made out of nickel-free, zinc alloy. The e-stim paddle is rechargeable. Simply use the USB cable provided. Keep away from water.

Start the scene like you usually would, but let them know you’ve got a little surprise. As long as they are consenting to some e-stim play, give them a few gentle zaps by touching the metal spikes to their skin. Then combine it with spanking and paddling to up the intensity and really spice up the scene! Alternate between the flat and spiked sides and try both intensities until they’ve reached their limit!


Overall length: 16 inches. Paddle width: 2.5 inches.

Materials: PU Leather, ABS Plastic, Zinc Alloy

Color: Black

Note: Keep away from water. Not recommended to use e-stim products on the chest or with partners who have pacemakers.

Key Features:

  • E-Stim Spikes: The electricity runs through every one of the conductive metal spikes so each hit has an extra shock!
  • Flat Side of Paddle: Enjoy using the flat side of the paddle, as well. It’s covered in vegan-friendly, faux (PU) leather.
  • Two Levels of Stimulation: Choose between high or low intensity.
  • Rechargeable and Nickel-Free: Use the USB cable to recharge between uses. All metal is nickel-free and body-safe.

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