PDX Plus Fap Flask Happy Camper Stroker – Frosted/Camo


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Calling all adventure seekers, outdoorsmen, sports enthusiasts,
and military brats—you haven’t experienced the great outdoors
until you have brought your Fap Flask Happy Camper water
bottle along with you! Designed with your privacy in mind,
the Fap Flask is crafted to mimic the appearance of a modern,
reusable water bottle with a traditional camo pattern that
will effortlessly disappear into the brush—leaving no trace of
suspicion. Whether it is in a camping tent or hunting blind,
stashed in the bushes, or in the back of a pick-up, the Fap Flask
is the discreet stroker you have been longing for.
No more prying eyes or raised eyebrows!
The discreet sleeve is exactly what you came for! It features an
intricate interior tunnel lined with pleasure ribs that will rock
your world! The Fap Flask stroker feels better than the real
thing! The lid features a flip-top suction control valve that allows
you to control the airflow. The built-in ring on the lid makes
carrying it a breeze. Like it fast The built-in finger ring on the
lid allows you to slide your index finger through for an easy noslip
grip, and makes carrying it a breeze.


  • Hide your stroker in plain sight! The sleek, modern water
    bottle design blends into almost any setting!
  • Super-soft generic sleeve: High-quality material offers
    ultimate sensations.
  • Flip-top suction control lid: Open or close the cap to
    control suction level.
  • Intricate tunnel design: Lined with pleasure ribs that are
    designed to give you maximum satisfaction!
  • Convenient finger ring: This ergonomic features makes onehanded
    stroking a breeze!

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