Oxballs Neo-Stretch Neo-Angle Silicone Ball Stretcher – Black


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NEO is a pure silicone ballstretcher available in 3 different styles.

NEO ANGLE is a short ballstretcher with an angled “lip” that’s designed to push your sack up and out.

NEO SHORT is a short stretcher that’s great for guys new to ballstretching or stacking with another ballstretcher.

NEO TALL is a tall stretcher designed for guys with more experiencing or looking to ramp up their stretching to the next size.

Each NEO is made from high quality Pure Platinum Silicone so they’re firm enough to squeeze and stretch your sack but still soft and smooth for comfort.


NEO ballstretchers fit and feel amazing. They’re the same shape and thickness as old-style neoprene ballstretchers but they’re made from our super-soft, stretchy Pure Platinum Silicone

NEO keeps those nuts down in their sack…all three styles have a fat lip around the edge so this one will not dig into your sack…unlike neoprene, NEO is rubbery, stretchy and feels like its part of your sack…

Available in 3 different shapes: 

TALL is for longer sacks or guys that want a looser ballbag.

SHORT fits any sack, even high & tight nuts.

ANGLE is a short stretcher that pushes your balls forward or back, also doubles as a bulge-enhancing cockring…

3 different NEO stretcher shapes:

NEO TALL is a 2-inch tall ballstretcher designed to push down on your balls.

NEO SHORT is a 1.25-inch ballstretcher that will fit any sack & can be stacked as you grow.

NEO ANGLE is shaped to push your sack forward or it can be stacked to bend your sack up and out…


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