Master Series Cuffed Locking Bracelet and Key Necklace – Rose Gold


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Give your pet the gift of luxury and discreetly show off your relationship to those in the know. With this heart-shaped, locking bracelet and dog-tag styled key you’ll both be adorned with symbols of your D/s dynamic. The scratch resistant and nickel-free tungsten steel is durable and long-lasting. The rose-gold plating gives it a warm, luxurious tone that makes it an exquisite piece of jewelry for you both. The rhinestone adorned cuff has a lock built into the clasp, an accessory that can only be removed by the Keyholder. The key sits within the cut out of a tungsten steel tag, which hangs from a chain for you to wear upon your chest, reminding you of the pride and responsibility that comes with ownership. This beautiful set allows you to comfortably put your bond on display.


Cuff is 6.25 inches in circumference, 0.25 inches in width. Necklace chain is 19 inches in length.

Materials: Tungsten Steel

Color: Rose Gold

Key Features:

  • Discreet Adornment: Looks just like any normal decorative jewelry so you can proudly wear your D/s symbol and no one will know.
  • Locking Key Necklace: Be the keyholder to your submissive partner and wear the key proudly!
  • Heart Shaped Lock: This bracelet locks at the center of the heart and stays in place until unlocked by the key that hangs from the necklace.
  • Tungsten Steel: This rose-gold plated

Additional information

Weight0.12 oz
Dimensions1.21 × 3.86 × 5.55 in



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