Master Series Crowned Magnetic Crown Nipple Clamps – Stainless Steel


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These nipple clamps are fit for royalty! The powerful magnetic clamps of this regal couple are designed to pinch and squeeze your nipples to support the shining metal crowns, giving your nipples a regal BDSM glimmer.

The intense magnetic clamps increase your nipple sensitivity, perfect for use during foreplay or to decorate your partners tits as you tie them up in your favorite restraints! Versatile and compatible with all kinds of naughty acts, these Crowned Nipple Clamps are made with nickel free stainless steel so you can enjoy with confidence.

Combine these clamps with lingerie or your favorite set of leathers, perfect for BDSM players of every level!

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Weight0.26 oz
Dimensions1.1811 × 3.5433 × 5.7087 in


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