M For Men Storm Rechargeable Masturbator – Black/Red


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The M for Men Storm is loaded with fun! This multi-function stroker has a removeable sleeve made from soft and realistic X5. Comprised of 3 pleasure chambers. Entering the first chamber it will create a like suction like that of lips pursed around your penis. As you enter the second chamber you will be massaged with soft nubs. Entering the third chamber you will first be stroked by the soft ribs while your head is massaged by the soft nubs. Cycle through 7 vibration modes exploring which setting will push you over the edge. The auto squeeze mode rhythmically squeezes and releases your penis essentially milking your penis into ejaculation. Enjoy the erotic sounds of women with the included earphones. Now imagine all of this happening all at once. The experience is unforgettable.

The sleeve is detachable for easy cleaning. This electric stroker is rechargeable. USB cable included. Made of premium TPE, Storm is body-safe, fragrance-free, and phthalate-free. As with all products and/or materials at Blush it has been 3rd party lab tested to meet or exceed REACH and Prop65 safety compliance directives. It’s your body. Be mindful of what you put in it. Refresh sleeve with our Blush Toy Renewal Powder when product is clean and dry. Compatible with water based and silicone based and hybrid lubricants.

  • AUTO SQUEEZE – Once Activated Storm Will Rhythmically Squeeze And Release Your Penis. Essentially Milking It To Orgasm. Choose From 7 Settings
  • VIBRATING – Coupled With The Auto Squeeze This Multi-Function Stroker Will Send You Over The Edge. Choose From 7 Unique Settings
  • 3 PLEASURE CHAMBERS – Each With Its Own Unique Texture. Stroking, Caressing, Sucking, Massaging You All At Once
  • SOFT X5 TECH – Handcrafted From X5 Tech. It’s Soft And Feels Realistic And Lifelike. With Your Eyes Closed It Would Be Hard To Differentiate X5 From The Human Body. Wash Before & After Use. Silicone, Water Based And Hybrid Lube Safe
  • RECHARGEABLE AND MORE – Via USB Cable. You Can Also Enjoy The Sounds Of Women In Ecstasy With The Included Earphones

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