DOXY Number 3 Plug-In Vibrating Wand Body Massager Small Brushed Metal Silver 11.02 Inch


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This beautiful, compact magic wand massager is the latest in the Doxy product range. Like the Die Cast, the Number 3 has a body cast from an aluminium/titanium alloy and a silicone head cover.

The smaller handle makes it easier to hold and manoeuvre and the compact head allows you to focus the vibrations more accurately and is less obtrusive during couples play than the Doxy Massager or Die Cast. It has the same rumbly pleasure youre used to from Doxy and the soft head covering is made from a high-quality silicone which screws off making it incredibly easy to clean.

Easy to use
– 3 easy to use buttons located on the body

On / pulse setting – press once to turn on, hold down for 3 seconds to switch to pulse
+ increases speed
– to decrease speed

Travel compatible
– Every Doxy has a plug top power supply unit (PSU) making it safe to use all over the world, just remember to pack your travel plug.

Length: 11.02 in.
Diameter at Largest Point: 1.77 in.

Additional information

Weight1.76 oz
Dimensions16 × 4.25 × 2 in





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