Closet Honeycomb Anal Douche


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The honeycomb anal douche is the new and improved version of the classic enema.

Made of silicone for maximum comfort and hygiene, this douche will glide into you easily and clean you out perfectly for butt stuff. The enormous bulb holds a large amount of water and has 8 spray holes around the needle to minimize the number of repeat sprays needed to get ready. Best of all, the anti-backflow technology means the water will only flow out, not in, to ensure dirty water never gets back into the bulb for easy cleaning.

For anyone who’s bicurious: Before exploring anal play, it’s always best to clean yourself out beforehand. Not only will your overall experience alone or with a partner be more sanitary in every way, but you could feel at ease knowing no bad things will come out of there. Keeping your mind at ease will keep your muscles more relaxed so you will feel less initial pain and enjoy your experience even more.

Use with water-based lubricant.

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