Atomic Jock Ass-X Ass-Lock Cocksling With Anal Plug Black 11 Inch


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The built in UNIT-X is everything you love about the original; it’s sleek and sporty and stretches to fit all sizes and shapes of throbbin’ man meat.

Whether you have a huge hog with a high n’ tight sack, a stubby dick with heavy bull balls, or anything in between, ASS-X’s sling grips your junk in all the right places.

The attached buttplug is about the thickness of two fat fingers and blubbery n’ soft to the touch.

The smooth shape and flexible material let you easily stuff your hole for hours of comfortable wear and use.

If you’re new to bottoming or just outta practice, ASS-X is the perfect toy for training your hole to take a proper poundin’.

Wrap the sling around your cock n’ balls, pop the plug up your greased up pucker, and you’re ready to go!

The built-in sling and ass-lock design create a “locking” effect that keep you plugged until you’re ready to give your hole a rest.

And it’s not just for you bottom boys out there…ASS-X feels like someone tongue punching your hole or wriggling their fingers up your insides while you pound a beefy butt or beat your swollen meat.

(We recommend using waterbased lube on the plug/sling and occasionally readjusting your junk if you plan on wearing ASS-X for extended periods of time).

Total Length: 11″/ 27.94 cm
Length Between Plug and Sling: 6.5″/ 16.51 cm
Height: 3″/ 7.62 cm
Circumference: 4.5″/ 11.43 cm
Sling (Stretches to fit your meat)
Height: 2.25″/ 5.715 cm
Openings: 3.75″ 4.25″/ 9.525 cm-10.795 cm

Additional information

Weight0.32 oz
Dimensions8.5 × 6.25 × 2 in


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