Master Series Deluxe Cleaver Urethral Spreader CBT Chastity Cage


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Confine your slaves penis in a CBT device that will ensure he experiences no pleasure! This chastity cage does more than just trap his cock and balls in cold, unrelenting stainless steel. It also features two spreaders, rounded and controlled by thumbscrews, to elevate your sadistic fantasies! Push his entire package through the base ring and then his shaft through the other three rings, and then lock into place. How long will you force your naughty boy to withstand the torment of the Deluxe Cleaver Cleans and sterilizes easily with mild soap and warm water.

Base Ring

Inner Diameter: 1.7″
Shaft Rings
Inner Diameter: 1.25″
Urethral Spreaders
Insertable Length: 1.5″
Width: Opening up to .9″
Total Length: 3″

Additional information

Weight0.60 oz
Dimensions5.25 × 3.75 × 2.25 in



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