Frisky Thigh Sling Aid 86 Inches Length Thigh Cuffs 21 To28 Inches


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Now your partner doesn’t have to worry so much about holding their knees up so you can get in good and deep. This thigh sling does most of the work. With a padded neck brace, the sling pulls the knees back giving you full access to your partner. The sling uses a buckle system for maximum adjustment. It also has additional D-rings so you can attach other items, if you so desire.

Size: 86 inches in total length, thigh cuffs adjust from 21 to 28 inches in circumference

Material: PU leather, metal

Color: BlackDoes the work of keeping your partner’s knees back, giving you fuller accessUses a padded neck brace to keep your partner comfortable during useIncludes additional D-rings for attachment of other gear

Additional information

Weight1.10 oz
Dimensions11.25 × 8 × 3.5 in


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